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Top 8 Boxing Clubs For Beginners In Bristol

By 29 September 2023October 3rd, 2023No Comments

Which Boxing gym in Bristol should you choose? ?

There are many great boxing schools for beginners to start your boxing journey. In this article, we will provide a comparison of the top boxing schools in the city of Bristol to help you make a clear decision on what is best for you.

? Here is a summary of what this article will contain:

✅ A comprehensive analysis of Boxing clubs in Bristol.
✅ Top 8 list of Boxing clubs for beginners in Bristol.

✅ An individual breakdown of the pros and cons of each club.
✅ Collection of key data points when selecting the best club including location, price range, and third party reviews.

Roger Gracie North Bristol
Keynsham Combat Academy
Impact Gym
Bristol Boxing Gym
Round 1
Smelters ABC
Paddy Johns

⚠️ An important note before you read on

Starting Boxing, for many, can be intimidating. Yet, many people choose a club to start training super-fast. And it’s usually based on how close it is to them.

It’s really important that you take the time to clearly understand each individual club’s merits before jumping in. Your decision should primarily be based on the quality of Jiu-Jitsu and the culture of the club, and secondarily on location.

We have written this post in order to have a clearer understanding of the best clubs in Bristol and therefore best equip you to make an informed decision.

Example highlights of top schools’ offerings:

Choosing the boxing club in Bristol that suits your own individual needs is challenging – we get it. Everyone has their own busy schedule and different lifestyles.

In analysing the top boxing schools in Bristol, we have collected a number of data points. Here’s a summary before we get started on the rankings.

? Timetable and overall availability
Full-time indicates the staff are dedicated to boxing, who pursue boxing as a career.

? Multiple mat spaces or rings (2+)
This is great for classes running at the same time, and for busy people who can only make one-time slots and still have access to multiple classes.

?‍?‍? Kids Boxing
Kids programmes are a strong indicator of the success of a club. A more intricate data point is the segmentation of the kid’s classes. Larger, more established boxing clubs will be able to facilitate better segmentation by age, and proficiency in order to optimise individual learning (this is usually achieved by a larger facility and broader ranges of coaches in order to best serve).

Coaching techniques and teaching children discipline, overcoming failure, dedication and building social skills are paramount in their boxing journey.

1. Roger Gracie North Bristol

Roger Gracie Academy Logo

⭐️ Rated: 5/5 on Google Reviews (120+ reviews)
? Pricing: £50 per month, £40 for kids.
? Address: The Youth Centre, Greystoke Avenue, Southmead, Bristol
☎️ Contact: 07796 790866
? Website:

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Roger Gracie Academy Bristol is a full-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy with over 500+ active members. Primarily a BJJ school, RGA Bristol has recently expanded into boxing with experienced coaches.

The boxing classes for kids start from 7 years old with amateur pedigree coaches.

? Pros

✅ Full-time academy.
✅ Striking class every day during the week.
✅ Open 6 days a week.
✅ Kids programme with daily classes plus segmentation between juniors, and adults
✅ Full-time coaching team

? Cons

❌ No kids classes on the weekend.
❌ No cafe facilities.

2. Sweatbox

⭐️ Rated: 4.9/5 on Google Reviews (114+ reviews)
? Starting from: £85 per month, £35 per month for kids.
? Address: Sweatbox Gym, Princess St, Bristol BS3 4AG
☎️ Contact: 07833493238
? Website:

A boxing academy which runs out of a functional fitness and weights facility called Sweatbox.

They offer over 7 boxing classes per week including beginners and advanced classes.

? Pros

✅ Classes every day.
✅ Lots of parking.
✅ Central location.

? Cons

❌ Only 2 kids classes per week.
❌ Kids’ classes are not every day.

3. Keynsham Combat Academy

⭐️ Rated: 5/5 on Google Reviews (3+ reviews)
? Starting from: £60 per month, £50 per month for kids.
? Address: Bath Hill, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1EB
☎️ Contact: 07305 629601
? Website:

Running out of a full-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy, Keynsham Combat Academy. Run by Mike Maverick

With 6+ classes per week, they include both boxing and Thai boxing in their schedule.

? Pros

✅ Great for beginners.
✅ Newly renovated premises.
✅ Striking and other martial arts in same building.

? Cons

❌ No Full-time competition team

4. Impact Gym

⭐️ Rated: 5/5 on Google Reviews (35+ reviews)
? Starting from: £39.99 per month for kids.
? Address: Hayward Rd, Soundwell, Bristol BS16 4NY
☎️ Contact: 0117 329 0059
? Website:

A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school based in the Downend area of Bristol, Impact Gym is run by brothers Tom and Jake O’Hagan. They have 6 striking classes per week in their schedule, including MMA, Striking and Kickboxing.

? Pros

✅ Lots of martial arts under one roof.
✅ Access to weights facility.
✅ Large facility.

? Cons

❌ Kids striking only once per week.
❌ Kids’ classes are not split by age.
❌ No Full-time competition team.

5. Bristol Boxing Gym

⭐️ Rated: 4.8/5 on Google Reviews (124+ reviews)
? Starting from: £49 per month, £20 per month for kids.
? Address: The Mill, Lower Ashley Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 0YJ
☎️ Contact: 0117 949 6699
? Website:

Ran by the Saniagar family, a full-time boxing academy in the Easton area of Bristol. Bristol Boxing Gym has created and nurtured a handful of World and European Champions. Some of the best boxers to come out of the South West have trained and fought out of this gym with over 50+ boxing classes per week, there is a class for every level.

? Pros

✅ Longest established boxing gym in Bristol.
✅ Great central location.
✅ Low monthly cost.

? Cons

❌ No weights facility.
❌ Kids classes are not segmented by age.

6. Round 1

round one

⭐️ Rated: 4.8/5 on Google Reviews (12+ reviews)
? Starting from: £45 per month, £25 per month for kids.
? Address: Unit 1, Netham Industrial Park, Bristol BS5 9PJ
☎️ Contact: 0800 756 6990
? Website:

A boxing academy in the city centre area of Bristol, Round One boxing is founded and ran by former IBF World Champion Lee Haskins with support from his son Anton Haskins, who is currently in the beginners of his own professional career.

? Pros

✅ Very beginner-friendly.
✅ 21+ classes per week.
✅ Great central location.

? Cons

❌ Boxfit only.
❌ No sparring only classes.
❌ No technique classes.

7. Smelters ABC

⭐️ Rated: 4.8/5 on Google Reviews (30+ reviews)
? Starting from: £20 per month, £12 per month for kids.
? Address: Barrack’s Ln, Bristol BS11 9NG
☎️ Contact: 07876 233621
? Website:

A boxing academy based in the Avonmouth area of Bristol. Smelters ABC is one of the longest-running boxing clubs in Bristol. Ran by head coach Garry Cave, Smelters have a great team of amateur boxers with a handful turning professional.

? Pros

✅ Two boxing rings.
✅ Pay as you go available
✅ Have created professional boxers.

? Cons

❌ No beginners boxing every day.
❌ No weekend schedule.
❌ No full-time coaches.

8. Paddy Johns Boxing Gym

⭐️ Rated: 5/5 on Google Reviews (24+ reviews)
? Starting from: Unknown.
? Address: Kingswood Heritage Museum, Tower lane BS30 8XT Kingswood
☎️ Contact: 07785 266519
? Website:

A boxing school based in the Kinsgwood area of Bristol. The school is run by Andy O’Kane. Paddy Johns has a solid amateur boxing team and also has produced a handful of professional boxers who competed at the highest levels of the sport.

? Pros

✅ Succesful professionals created.
✅ Amateur boxing team.
✅ Club running over 10+ years.

? Cons

❌ No website.
❌ No schedule available to view.
❌ No social media updates.