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What To Expect In Your First BJJ Class

By 29 August 2022January 16th, 2023No Comments

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Knowing what to expect from your first BJJ class can help you mentally prepare and feel ready for the first step in your Jiu-Jitsu journey!

You’ll need a bottle of water and a spare t-shirt.

While we are barefoot on the mats, footwear is required everywhere else in the academy. You’ll see most of our students walking around in sliders or flip-flops.

You’ll want to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts, we’ll provide you with a clean, freshly washed uniform. When you arrive there may be a form for you to fill in online before your session begins.

You will need to join the line in rank order, so as it will be your first session look for the end of the line.

The class begins with the professor or coach making a small speech, most likely about the positions we are going to work on. (Don’t worry if this part goes over your head). Next, the warm-up will be led, everybody faces in the same direction and warms up together as a team. Once the warm-up is complete, you will line back up and get ready for the first technique.

Whoever is leading your first BJJ class will pick a demonstration partner and then show the first technique multiple times. From different angles explaining everything in detail. You will then be paired up and given time to practice the technique.

Then the instructor will call time, and give everybody a chance to grab some water and line up for the second part. The second part of the technique will be shown, again multiple times from different angles. You will be given more time to practice the second technique, which will always connect to the previous one.

Time to try and put into practice what you have learned – sparring time! Positional sparring means you spar from a certain position, which will again connect to the techniques shown. Don’t worry as you will be looked after by your training partners.

Finally, the instructor calls time and the cool-down begins which includes multiple stretches to help cool your body down, you will line back up again, the instructor will give a brief end-of-class speech, and you will bow to your training partners and then shake hands with everyone to finish.

Yalcin Sucu

I am a full-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach & competitor at Roger Gracie West Bristol(With a knack for technology and computers!)#BlueBelt